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Axe-7 is primarily focused on the web design and implementation, graphic design and multimedia production. Our interactive agency will ensure your project reflects your image and your business in a professional manner.

Web design / e-Commerce

- Graphic and content creation
- Complete management of domain names and emails for 1, 2, 4 or 10 years
- Complete management of website hosting for 1, 2, 4 or 10 years
- Complete management of MySQL databases "articles / clients / sales etc ..."
- Creation of e-Commerce interface and articles available online
- Secure payment interface
- Creation and management of back-office/intranet specific to your business
- Provision of various interactivities (forums, chat, quiz, mailing list etc ...)
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website
- Technologies used often undefined: flash, javascript, ajax, php, html
- Editing images
- Customization
- SEO professional

Social Media Management

- Creation and/or management of your FACEBOOK, TWITTER & other blogs or social networks
- Synchronize your locations with your community sites
- Assist with editorial creation and weekly maintenance updates
- Formatting and preparing your photos for archiving or automatic integration (synchronized or not) on social networks

Administrative Interface

- Back-office (back-end) creation and management
- Creation and management of statistics modules
- Creation and management of various modules in php safe mode and/or public
- Creation and management of a front office (CMS)
- Integration of RSS feeds from your site

Domain Name, Email and Website Hosting

- Management of domain names: .fr, .com, .org, etc ...(via our partner OVH)
- Management of email addresses and redirects
- Management of shared hosting (via our partner OVH)
- Management of MySQL databases

Website Optimization

- Re-encoding of source code
- Integration of php, html, dhtml, java-script, SPIP, Joomla, other CMS modules, etc

Complete Redesign

- Complete redesign of your website
- Retouch images / logos / menu / graphic charts
- Flash Integration

Search Engine Optimization

- Re-coding and code optimization
- Complete review and optimize your FTP architecture
- Submission of your pages into major search engines
- Global Optimization

Email, Banner, Contests and Webmarketing

- Custom branded email templates Internal/personal and signatures
- Animated banners (Flash, GIF) and static (GIF, JPG)
- Contests FLASH and PHP

Printed Advertisements, Business Cards, Logos, Brochures

- Printed and published advertisement design
- Business Cards
- Corporate logo design
- Brochures
- Flyers, leaflets, posters, posters, billboards
- HD advertising models
- PDF Brochures

Search Engine Optimization Certified Professional

- Custom Sites
- “Cost per Click” Sites
- International search engines (?)

Digital audio and music production

- “Call on Hold” music
- jingles and sound illustration
- Radio commercials
- Voices range from: comedy, singing, voice calm and relaxing adult woman, young voice, dynamic voice, children’s voice, sensual voice, voice, voice messages, audiotel, documentary, institutional message.

web agency paris paca