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How much does a website cost?

It varies. The price of a website "showcase" non-dynamic (without database) can vary depending on the number of pages and the amount of work. A good range to consider is between 500-3500 EU ($700-$5,000).  Pages can also be designed singularly or independently.  An e-commerce system (website "Merchant") ranges between 2000-5000 Euros ($2,600-$6,500) dependent on your needs, items for sale, visitors, etc ... However, be aware that some large accounts can end up paying (not necessarily e-commerce), often more than 50,000 Euros ($65,000). As you can see, the range varies considerably depending on what your vision of your website’s purpose.

A website, also known as "portal", dynamic and interactive (dating site comparison site, public access site, blogging site customization etc ...) will be evaluated on the following schedule your ambitions and expected attendance / CA achieved through this portal. It is therefore necessary to determine precise specifications so we may have a concrete idea of the final cost of the design / layout / line maintenance.

2. Can we trust Axe-7 as our communications agency?

We can demonstrate our expertise through our references and the services we can offer. It is obvious that it is difficult to trust a young company specializing in internet communication, an increasingly popular field in the media, and of course, competition is extreme. Therefore, we are committed to providing work in perfect harmony with your original specifications. Customers mentioned in "Our References" trust us, and they are not disappointed! (see testimonials)

Our web agency Axe-7 is in the commercial register under the following number:
SIRET 498 918 564 0001 0
APE 6201Z

3. If Axe-7 designs our website, do we have to continue to use Axe-7 for continued maintenance or may we use another company or ourselves in the future?

Your website is your property. If you decide to choose a web host and a domain name other than that we offer, and you want to take care of your site alone, you will have full ownership of your site for its maintenance and updating and you only pay Axe-7 for the design of your site. Many companies prefer to hire one agency to comprehensively handle all interactive needs, and in this case, we can indeed speak of "affiliation.”

4. How expensive is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Again, this varies. SEO is included in our rates for fully designing websites. Known SEO by referencing said "optimizing pages", and of course by submitting your pages in search engines known. Depending on how ambitious you wish to get, you could expect a range of 2000-6000 Euros ($2,500-$7,750). Note that SEO is a long phase, which usually fills the famous Google Adwords (or CPC). Depending on your needs and your expectations, we will prepare an accurate budget to consider. To remember so: 2 types of referrals, natural or professional.

5. Is it easy to update my own website’s content?

Yes, according to our development methods. A site can be designed in HTML (or PHP) and integrate new interactive technologies such as Joomla or SPIP example. The site works then like a blog following pages, and you can, without any programming knowledge, update your own pages.

6. How complicated will it be to describe to you my needs if I am not very technologically savvy?

Our project manager will be able to explain the design of your site and only items you need to worry about, such as images, descriptive texts, photos, logos, etc. We strive to ensure you understand management of your own website after the finished product.

7. After finishing the design of the website,  who hosts the site?

The development of a website can either be through a temporary server owned by the company or through a shared or dedicated server from the web agency directly. The content posting will be done by you, after validation and transmission of pages.

8. I need a website and would like to contact Axe-7. What are the next steps?

You made the right choice! Start by describing your project by emailing us directly or by filling out the “Let’s Talk” form in the drop-down menu. Then we will get back in touch with you. From your specifications we will help you to build (a simple form to fill out if you have not already developed your own specifications), and we will prepare a custom quote for free. If the quote is to your satisfaction, then we will ask you to confirm your choice to us by establishing a deposit of 30% of the final balance. A written contract certifies that your site will be online after the stated time and according to your objectives mentioned in the specifications established and signed in advance. The balance of the total payment will be requested when your website is ready to publish. Our web agency will take care of the rest. There is no commitment to future work by our agency. You will be the owner of your site, and ask you only to renew your domain name and hosting (and maintenance if applicable) at the end of the term of your contract, so that your site remains online.

9. How many websites exist in the world and how does that compare against the number of companies that exist?

No one can really be specific about the number of websites in existence today, but a study by the Netcraft Web Server in 2011 estimated 186 million websites. (Bear in mind, we are talking about the number of websites, i.e. a complete website under one domain name; we do not speak of "web pages" which certainly reach tens of billions if one believes the number of URLs identified by the search engines Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc). One statistic shows that in France, 3 out of 10 businesses do not yet have websites for several reasons: ignorance of the world internet, uselessness (...), agencies wishing to remain secret, the cost of a website, etc.. In the United States, it seems that 9 out of 10 are present on the web with at least one page. France is, according to Economist Intelligence Unit, the 19th country in terms of internet presence! Denmark, the United States and Sweden rank first in this classification.

10. What can Axe-7 offer me for a website? (type of proposed sites)

We can provide the services for the following types of websites:
- Website Showcase
- Website merchant
- Website with CMS management (updated by you)
- Website portal (meetings, directories, directory, calendar, comparators, etc ...)
- Interactive websites (forum, chat, blog)
- The complete redesign of your current site

11. I need a soundtrack, a voiceover or other audio serves, how do I proceed? Do you have any examples?

We offer custom recording of your audio message (message answering, for example), a soundtrack that can be used to illustrate your website, or simply royalty-free music for your documentary. For this, you will find examples of voiceovers, radio commercials, jingles, spots etc ... under the heading "The Sound". Simply contact us to tell us the nature of your project and its purpose.

Axe-7 is equipped with a recording studio with quality equipment that will allow you to obtain the best for your digital audio projects.


Do you have other questions? Do not hesitate to call us or write to us here.

Designing websites is the primary focus of our business. We are not a hobby web agency and the services we offer are real services that we put forward through our current customers, available under the heading "Our references".

Our goal is to satisfy you, so that you do not hesitate to call us if you need a web project on internal or external to your enterprise.

Our prices are competitive with market prices offered by other quality web agencies.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we work every day to help you simplify the process and to ensure that your site is, and remains, in your image.

Yann Bourquin, Manager, Web Agency Axe-7

web agency paris paca